Choose a Professional Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), such as Shamrock Driving School, for your driving lessons.

Learn to drive at your pace with structured driving lessons tailored to your needs.

Have a Positive Attitude & and don't get frustrated with yourself and others - be patient & compensate for others' errors. Take an online FREE Safe Driver Test which will help you to find out which of your individual personality traits could trigger dangerous driving habits whilst out on the road. It's completely anonymous, no personal data is required and only you will see the results. At the end you'll be offered personal advice on what actions you can take to reduce your chances of driving dangerously and being involved in a collision.

Download the Safe Driver Test direct to your PC and discover which of your own individual attitudes and behaviours make you more likely to take risks and cause an crash.

Be relaxed but focus on what you and other road users are doing.

Be Aware, Observe, Plan Ahead & Anticipate - Expect the Unexpected! This is the key to safe driving!

Get as much Private Practice as possible in addition to professional driving lessons once it's safe for you to do so - Shamrock Driving School will advise when you are ready and provide advice to you on how to undertake private practice safely and in a way which will benefit you the most. RoSPA provide a useful guide for Helping Young People Learn to Drive Safely.

Shamrock Driving School Customers are able to take advantage of National Learner Driver Insurance which is only available through driving instructors and offers exclusive car insurance rates to learner drivers undertaking private practice where they are receiving professional driving tuition. Policies can be taken out from 2 weeks to 5 months, can be renewed as often as required and cost from only a couple of pounds per day! Click on the banner below to learn more!

Collingwood Insurance Services Ltd (quote referral code 306373 to automatically receive discounted renewal rates), Anytime by miDrive Ltd (you can choose 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month on a pay as you go basis - use 10 off promotion code GF7557 on your first order at anytime by miDrive) and Provisional Marmalade offer short term learner driver car insurance policies, which provide comprehensive insurance covering the learner driver whilst undertaking practice accompanied by a relative or friend in their car without risk to the car owner's insurance. With Collingwood Insurance Services Ltd you can use the policy to insure and tax a vehicle which belongs to the learner driver (i.e. where they are the registered keeper on the V5 document). Click on the Link below to learn more!

Click on the banner below to learn more!

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
Call 01249 821433 or 07939058851 now for full details of how we can help you to succeed!

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Learn to Drive Safely & Pass Your Driving Test with Shamrock Driving School!
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