By paying for and agreeing to undertake driving tuition with Shamrock Driving School you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Shamrock Driving School reserves the right to amend Terms and Conditions without notice but the current version will always be available on the Shamrock Driving School website (

1. Licence & Test Fees. Driving licence and driving test fees are additional to driving lesson fees (except any 30hr and 40hr Intensive Driving Lesson Courses where the 1st Driving Standards Agency practical driving test is included) and are payable by the Customer to DVLA and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) respectively. The Customer shall include Gary Fossey's ADI Number (available on request) in their practical driving test application.
2. Driving Licence, Eyesight & Fitness to Drive. The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring they hold a current, valid driving licence (not necessary to attend Theory Test Training Workshops), are legally entitled to drive in the UK and they can read a new style number plate (eg AB55ABC) from 20.5M. The Customer shall provide proof of their entitlement to drive and declare any penalty points, endorsements or disqualifications and agree to share their driving licence information with Shamrock Driving School via an approved licence information sharing method. The Customer shall immediately notify Shamrock Driving School of any changes in their entitlement to drive or if they are issued with any penalty points or endorsements. The Customer shall advise Shamrock Driving School if they are taking any medication (especially amphetamine, clonazepam, diazepam, flunitrazepam, lorazepam, methadone, morphine, oxazepam or temazepam) that may affect their ability to drive safely and legally.
The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring they are fit to drive (e.g. in accordance with legal and medical requirements, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc). Shamrock Driving School shall have the right to cancel any lesson if, in their sole opinion, the Customer is not in a fit state to drive. At Shamrock Driving School's sole discretion, a cancellation fee may be charged and such cancellations may count under the provisions of Condition 7.
3. Payment.
a. Advance Block Bookings shall be payable by the Customer at the time of booking or at the start of the first driving lesson by agreement with Shamrock Driving School. Paypal shall be payable by the Customer at the time of booking. Payments for advance block driving lesson bookings (including via Paypal) are valid for 6 months after which time they will be non-refundable.
b. Lesson by Lesson basis (excluding via Paypal) will be payable by the Customer at the start of each driving lesson. Payment will be by cash or cheque (payable to "Shamrock Driving School") supported by a valid bank card, via using Paypal or BACS.
4. Use of Driving School Car for Driving Tests. Shamrock Driving School will advise when the Customer is ready to apply for and take the practical driving test. If the Customer books a practical driving test appointment without prior consultation with and the agreement of Shamrock Driving School, provision of the driving school car for test cannot be guaranteed. Use of the driving school car for practical driving tests is at Shamrock Driving School's sole discretion. 1 hour before and use of driving school car for practical driving test will be charged at 2 hours.
5. Driver's Responsibility. While driving the vehicle, including but not limited to the practical driving test, the Customer is subject to the same rules and regulations as all other drivers, in addition to the supervision restrictions and additional rules that apply if they are a provisional licence holder. Therefore, the Customer is liable for any fines or other penalties that arise as a result of their driving(e.g. speeding, not stopping at a red light, driving in a bus lane during its period of operation, etc.).
6. Use of Customer's own Vehicle. Tuition may be available in the Customer's own vehicle at Shamrock Driving School's sole discretion. Prior to any tuition the Customer shall provide written evidence from their insurance provider that the vehicle is fully insured while the Customer is being supervised by a professional instructor in return for payment. If the Customer wishes to use their vehicle for the practical driving test they shall be responsible for ensuring it is fully insured for this purpose. The Customer's vehicle shall be fully roadworthy and compliant with all legal requirements for use on public roads. Shamrock Driving School will in no way be held liable for any damage to or caused by the Customer's car since their control is limited.
7. Cancellation by Customer. Driving lesson fees shall be payable where less than 48hrs notice of cancellation is provided by the Customer. For the first three such cancellations 50% of the total driving lesson price shall be payable with the full driving lesson fee being payable for each cancellation thereafter. The Customer will lose their driving test fee if they do not provide notice of driving test postponement / cancellation in accordance with DVSA Terms and Conditions.
8. Cancellation / Rescheduling by Shamrock Driving School. Practical driving test bookings shall take priority over other driving lessons and driving lessons may be rescheduled to allow for another Customer's practical driving test. Shamrock Driving School will provide notice to the Customer at the earliest reasonable opportunity and reschedule the driving lesson to the earliest mutually agreeable opportunity.
Unless as the result of unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances (eg illness, car breakdown, dangerous weather conditions, etc) or action/inaction by the Customer and subject to the provisions of the foregoing paragraph and/or Conditions 4 above, which take precedence, Shamrock Driving School will not cancel or rearrange driving lessons and/or practical driving tests without the Customer's agreement. In the event of unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances, Shamrock Driving School reserve the right to make alternate arrangements (eg alternate professional driving instructor, alternate dual controlled car which may or may not be similar to the usual driving school car, etc) or provide driving lesson cancellation notice to the Customer as soon as possible and reschedule the driving lesson to the earliest mutually agreeable opportunity. No cancellation charges will be payable by the Customer in respect of such cancellations and Shamrock Driving School will refund any unavoidable actual DVSA practical driving test fee which is not refundable to the Customer by the DVSA. The Customer shall be responsible for cancelling or rearranging any practical driving test and, whenever possible, avoiding loss of the driving test fee.
Shamrock Driving School shall not be liable for any consequential losses (eg lost income, child care, etc) as a result of cancelling or rearranging any driving lessons and/or driving tests.
9. Cancellation by DVSA. In the event of late notice (ie less than 48hrs notice) cancellation of a practical driving test by the DVSA the applicable driving lesson fees will remain payable to Shamrock Driving School. It may be possible for the Customer to reclaim some if not all of this fee from the DVSA (DVSA terms and conditions apply).
Whilst Shamrock Driving School will make every effort to ensure the vehicle supplied for the practical driving test is fully roadworthy and complies with all legal requirements at the start of the practical driving test, they shall not be held responsible for any failure which occurs during the practical driving test (eg electrical or mechanical fault, puncture, etc). In such circumstances Shamrock Driving School will refund the DVSA practical driving test fee together with actual fees paid for driving lessons on the day of the practical driving test. Shamrock Driving School shall not be liable for any consequential losses.
10. Punctuality. Shamrock Driving School will normally wait up to 10 minutes, depending on the subsequent driving lesson, before the driving lesson is abandoned and the driving lesson fee becomes payable in accordance with Condition 7. Any waiver is at Shamrock Driving School's sole discretion. A reciprocal waiting time shall be necessary if Shamrock Driving School is delayed. The delayed party shall endeavour to contact the other (Shamrock Driving School Mobile 07939058851) if they expect to be delayed. Driving lesson time lost due to Shamrock Driving School being delayed will be made up either at the end of the driving lesson or a later date by mutual agreement.
11. Training Location. Shamrock Driving School shall determine the location of driving lessons which, in the interest of Customer and public safety (eg initial novice driving lessons, initial assessment driving lesson for more experienced driver, etc), may result in the Instructor driving to and from the training location. Any such journey time will form part of the driving lesson as paid for.
12. Footwear. Customers shall wear suitable footwear (eg not high heels/flip flop style/etc).
13. Fees, Discounts & Special Offers. Shamrock Driving School reserve the right to amend tuition fees and/or withdraw special offers at any time. Fees, discounts and special offers may be subject to specific Terms and Conditions which are additional to these Terms and Conditions but in the event of any contradiction the applicable specific Terms and Conditions will take precedence. Any special offers or discounts will only apply if all of the applicable driving lessons are taken.
14. Professional Qualifications, Memberships and Driving School Identity. Gary Fossey is a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (Car) who operates under the trading name of "Shamrock Driving School" and uses a comprehensively insured, dual controlled, identifiable training vehicle which is taxed and roadworthy. The aforementioned insurance covers the pupil whilst driving the vehicle when accompanied by a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor or DVSA Examiner. Gary Fossey is a registered Pass Plus Instructor, an Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Registered Instructor, a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Gold Grade Advanced Driver (recognised as the highest driving award available to the public) together with being a member of SmartDriving, a leading source of news and continuing professional development (CPD) within the driver training profession, and the Approved Driving Instructor National Joint Council (ADINJC) through whom he possesses £5M Professional Indemnity and £10M Public Liability Insurance.
15. Complaints Procedure. In the event of a complaint the Customer should initially contact Gary Fossey. Tel. 01249 821433 Mob. 07939058851. Address: 34 Zander Road, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9QS. If they believe Shamrock Driving School is not providing a satisfactory business service, the Customer can contact their local Citizens Advice Bureau for guidance. If they are unhappy with the professional service provided by Shamrock Driving School, the Customer can contact the DVSA ADI Registrar by emailing
16. Privacy and Data Protection. Any information supplied by the Customer is confidential and will not be shared with any third party without their express consent. See our Privacy Policy on our website ( for further information.
17. Your Statutory Rights. Nothing in these Conditions will affect your statutory rights.

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